How lead conversion makes our M-Theory elegant

Any theory needs accountability and an answer that makes it true. After combining proper domains to responsive websites with fresh and beguiling content, optimising and marketing these websites on search engines and social media, and using our Chat Box to convert these leads into REAL WORLD paying clients…the M-theory proves its truth…

What tools are used to measure these Conversions?

By having accountability for your digital spend through digital remote-access analytics and on-site assessment tools and chatbox user-logs with visitor web-usage analytics and trends assessments, you are able to compare Google analytics with your chatbox analytics – measuring your web attentiveness, staff member actual usage and the weekly/monthly Google Analytics comparison (regarding the amount of visitors to your site) to the actual chatbox chats

  • You get digital analyses monthly on website and client usage
  • You get monthly progress reports on SEO works done as well Keyword ranking and growth
  • You get digital analyses on blogs and social media
  • You get digital marketing campaign analytics and task reporting
  • Our Client Relationship management through our Chatbox CRM functionality with lead-generating databases will build your digital business
  • Full works reporting from Basecamp: our digital project management system – every day as work is done – IN REAL TIME – gives you peace of mind

Having accountability for your digital spend by comparing this spend to the ROI made from the chatbox conversion tool through your Ultra-Service Officers speaking to every potential client your digital marketing campaigns send to your website – and the conversion of those digital leads into REAL world potential….with these pure figures and analyses, this marketing platform and its various marketing methodologies are the only truly accountable and accurately measurable marketing tools available.

How do I Convert digital leads into real sales?

Isn’t that what this is all about (finding the diamond in the rough), making logic out of digital chaos? Imagine if there wasn’t tech-speak to confuse and “threaten you”…Imagine dealing with “digital” (hey they’re still human) leads as if they were walk-ins to your office or real-world store….no mystique and jargon…it works or it doesn’t!


How do you close digital leads?

Our strategy is simple…we are a results-driven SEO company that believes that a ‘Macrocosm’ structure needs to be in place when doing online marketing, culminating in your clients’ immediate satisfaction and clarity of his/her product or service needs. We do this by creating an umbrella-effect of all the web tools available and the social media platforms, to drive acute and dedicated traffic to the site, and the use of our non-opt-in CHATBOX system that allows for immediate conversation and service ethic with that traffic (see our chatbox below).

And then….by adding our CHATBOX system – that allows you and your business 100% ability to speak to every (!!!!!!!) visitor on your website – coupled with our ability to monitor email marketing “click-throughs” to get accurate analytics, digital marketing not only is a no-brainer, it has become a crucial set of business tools, and you shouldn’t be asking yourself whether you can afford to do SEO and email marketing – (the top 2 digital marketing methods in the results stakes!) – You should be telling yourself that you can’t afford not to invest in your digital (and real-world’s) marketing future.