What is Videography?

Videography is a service based around filming and creating videos for clients, whether for weddings, or functions, to advertise various products or services and so on. It allows the client to tell their story in fresh and interesting ways while being able to capture a more personal and intimate side of them, their employees as well as their business as a whole.

How Does it Relate to Marketing?

Unlike SEO based marketing, which focuses on text, videography allows you as a business owner to convey the very same information in a visual/audio environment. This can grab your audience’s attention with greater ease as it is a medium that is can be more memorable and rewards creativity. Additionally, videography creates a way for your potential or current clients to connect or understand your business visually.

It is also important to include that videography is the future of the digital world. In 2021, research has found that video content has been more successful by 1200% in comparison to other content. Video content has also become the way for consumers to understand products or services faster and increase the conversion rate for most businesses. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to keep your business relevant and convert more clients, videography is the way to go.

Macrocosm Videography Services:

– Google My Business Videos

– Instagram Reels

– TikTok Videos

– Company Marketing Videos

– Event Coverage (Staff functions, Award Ceremonies, etc.)

– Advertisements and Promotional Videos

Our Process Flow for Videography:

– We meet with you

– We come back with viable options

– We calculate the budget that you will need

– We film the video(s)

– We begin the editing process

– Watch and Enjoy!