How does Content affect the M-Theory?

According To Matt Cutts from Google, the following is needed for great search results: Fresh, acute and exciting TEXT, with unique and quality PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOGRAPHY, quantity of original content will create the perfect backlinks on your website. Visitors who book-mark, link to, like, and share your good CONTENT will naturally generate quality and trusted incoming links, and by doing so, will help you rank well and bring THE DIGITAL LEADS…

What is the value of good copy and content on your website?

For a newly developed site that doesn’t have much content, it is MORE difficult to rank well on the search pages (!!!) It therefore stands to reason that you take the content creation seriously when copywriting for web, social media campaigns, monthly newsletters and your blog. Images and videography are also very important for ranking well in the search engines. Use this knowledge to prepare your website with robust and relevant content BEFORE you index to the search engines.


Design has a “LEAD PROTECTION" role and for a very good reason. Once a potential digital lead is on your website, all the aesthetics and design strengths take hold to captivate the viewer subliminally, if not blatantly, and help to stop the bounce rate on the site. GOOD DESIGN covers many areas and moods, and is crucial to websites, as design ethics often lead the client to make buying decisions through marvellously rendered images and strong web design and strong navigation architecture....

We create digital collateral like letterheads, email signatures, (that work with the social media links), logos, web and blog artwork...and the occasional "M"

"IMAGE IS CRITICAL" - An old print-industry tome from back in the days before digital of any sort, when letraset and red wax paper were your setting tools and any mistake in content, syntax or spelling could cost you fortunes in reprints...So the image is critical and we take pride in our attention-to-detail and our artistic patience for visual and wordsmith excellence.



Julia studied photography in Germany and received her degree in 2004. She started working as a freelancer and assisted some of the renowned photographers in Europe and began to establish herself in her own business.

She was awarded one of the selected photographers for the “update2009” in Berlin. In 2010 she decided to travel around the world. Arriving in Cape Town, she fell in love with the city and has been ever since. Julia is a Cape Town based photographer since 2012.

Her portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of work, which includes portraits of Angelina Jolie, South African Celebrities and various magazine publications. Advertising clients include, among others, Viva Vodka, &Threads, Maaji swimwear, Lagerfeld and a lot more...


Missing Piece Films is a Cape Town based premium wedding video and events Production Company that creates memories of life events.

We see ourselves as videographers, cinematographers and filmmakers. We are a film studio and love what we do. We capture special moments. Unrepeatable moments. Lifetime moments. Our passion is to produce, emotional, breath-taking and fun filled wedding and other event videos for our clients. – David Stone


At Macrocosm Ultra-Digital, we understand the pitfalls and frustrations that go into writing GREAT text in descriptions and stories for your website. Not everyone is an author, and with this in mind we offer copywriting services, including meetings and research.