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November 7, 2023

Facebook Marketing vs. Instagram Marketing: Which Platform Is Right for Your Business?

Two social media marketing giants stand out prominently: Facebook and Instagram. These platforms, with billions of users combined, have become crucial tools for organisations trying to […]
September 14, 2023

A Beginner’s Guide to the Metaverse

You may have heard the word “metaverse” thrown around in tech conversations in recent years, leaving you intrigued but baffled. It sounds like something out of […]
July 10, 2023

Unveiling Google Analytics 4: Revolutionising Digital Marketing Insights

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Enter Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the latest iteration of the […]
May 11, 2023

SEO as a Baseline for All Digital Marketing

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is important for businesses of all sizes. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the foundation of any […]
April 5, 2023

Understanding the Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Web Development

It’s no surprise that SEO is a crucial component of web development that is used to ensure that websites rank higher in search engine results pages […]
March 23, 2023

Why Content is King in SEO

In the modern world of SEO, the phrase “content is King” has become a common mantra throughout all digital marketing agencies. This is because the quality […]
February 28, 2023

The Power of Google: How Utilising Google Can Drive Your Business to Success

December 15, 2022

Macrocosm Ultra Digital Year Review 2022

This year, 2022 has become known as the post-covid year. The year when most things have gone back to normal since the pandemic hit us in […]
November 10, 2022

Why Social Media Should be a Vital Aspect of Your Marketing Campaign?

Why Social Media Should be a Vital Aspect of Your Marketing Campaign? As our society’s dependence on technology increases with each passing day, so does any […]
November 10, 2022

The Future & Evolution of SEO

What is the future of SEO? Is it still relevant in 2022 and will it remain relevant in the next 5 years? Should I change my […]
September 2, 2022

The Benefits Your Business Will Reap with Google Ads

If you are currently not making use of Google Ads in South Africa, then you are not reaching your full potential as a business. Not only […]