How does SEO work within our M-Theory?

As with domain names, positioning of websites under keywords and queries on the search engines with SEO is paramount. It allows for your new and exciting content to be viewed by HOT inbound leads…and the opportunity to speak to these new clients-to-be lies in your use of the chatbox…

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What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is quite simply put, a proven method for driving organic traffic to websites by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. It’s a reliable long term solution that through manipulation of your website in the search engines (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing), will favourably position your website under certain keywords and queries. This puts your website in the direct stream of searching potential clients that leads to greater conversion

What is the difference between KEYWORDS and QUERIES in search?

What Are Keywords?

A keyword is the exact set of descriptive words that you are striving for in an organic search or paid search campaign. If you are bidding in Adwords for the words “stretch tents”, then “stretch tents” is your keyword. Keywords define the strategy of digital marketing. As you will see further on, this is only the first step to deciding where to aim your digital reach through SEO.

What Are Queries?

Queries are what the searcher or potential client types in. A query is a string of words that asks a question for the search engine to answer. “What are queries?” is in itself a query that could be answered with OUR content!

What IS the Difference?

The major difference between keywords and queries has to do with who is using them. We, the Digital Marketers use keywords. Your potential clients who search use queries. This is a huge difference and most companies use these terms interchangeably but we don’t. This strategy changes the way we work AND gets YOU, our valued client, huge internet exposure and therefore many potential customers.

How do we use this information to expand you SEO campaigns?

We target Keywords, but expand them into Queries… But remember, Keywords don’t show what real-world searchers are actually doing, and they just represent your products, brands and services. To receive the best and most acute (and profitable) sources of traffic, we need to target the conventional queries that searchers are using.

We research Queries to uncover your Keywords too…

A very clever way to research this strategy is by finding out what searching potential clients are looking for in the search engines. We do this to do this is by researching queries instead of keywords.

There are a few ways that you can discover queries rather than keywords.

Google Webmaster Tools account shows you some of the search queries that drives traffic. Another method of gaining search query ideas is to use Google autocomplete. Google’s search functionality has the autocomplete feature is built into it. The search box will prompt you to see various searches when you type a query into it, helping you understand what is being search for, and helping to broaden or narrow down your search to find the query strings you would like us to target.

And in Conclusion

We understand the differences between “keyword” and “query” seem small and ever so subtle, yet understanding the importance of the two and their differences, makes for greater insights into your potential digital clientele, and results in FAR greater returns on investment of your SEO.