Google Ads

As a certified Google Partner, Macrocosm Ultra Digital has a proven track record of generating leads through numerous Google Ads Marketing platforms. We formulate a long-term solution for your company with conversion tracking, and provide you with real world data, to show you exactly where your money is going. We research and analyse your industry, as well as your competition, to formulate competitive strategies. In addition, we study your target audience, and optimise your site to out-rank the competition.

Our in-depth fortnightly reporting structure is unmatched in the industry and gives you key insight into how your users interact with your Campaign. Additionally, we optimise your campaign monthly to create more leads and conversions without increasing your budget.

How do Google Ads create value in our M-Theory?

With dedicated conversion strategies and multiple keyword coverage, performance reporting and daily management, Google Ads campaigns are the perfect complement to SEO and Social Media campaigns…30% of page clicks are now done in Google Ads…

What is Google Ads?

What is Google Advertising?

Google Ads campaigns are created for businesses and people, who would like to advertise on the Google search engine, to offer products, services, and information, with the view to grow their sales and marketing. Google Ads campaigns are created on Google’s advertising platform, where you bid on keywords for your pay-per-click ads pricing.

Google Ads Advanced Targeting System allows you to target an audience that is interested in your products and/or services. Using keywords and keyword strings, you can use Google Ads to reach potential customers, as and when they are searching for your products or services.

You can manage your monthly and daily budget spends with Google, by choosing what you wish to pay when someone clicks on your ad. With Google Ads, you can increase brand awareness and traffic to your website, display your ads on various devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets, and even in apps!

What is Google Ads SEARCH?

These ads are displayed in the search results page of Google. Your ad will be displayed when people search for terms relevant to your keywords. Search Ads are focused on getting people to complete an action like visiting your website or calling your business. Search Ads are beneficial because people are already searching for what you offer.

What is Google Ads MOBILE?

These Ads reach customers where they are most of their time, on their cell phone. These ads are optimised specifically for mobile. Mobile has the advantage of reaching people in the beginning of the consumer journey. When someone picks up their mobile phone opens Google, the chances are they are doing one of four things: looking for something, wanting to learn about something, wanting to do something or wanting to buy something. Having your ads displayed in these crucial decision-making moments can really help.

What is Google Ads DISPLAY?

Display Ads help in capturing the attention of a customer early in the buying cycle. Your ads can be displayed to people before they even decide that they need or want this product or service. Display ads can pop up while you’re surfing the web, checking your emails or just showing your friend a funny video.

What is Google Ads SHOPPING ?

Shopping ads display a single product or item in the form of a picture with pricing attached. This picture can be clicked on, and the user will be taken directly to the shopping trolley on the page of the website where you can purchase the item immediately. Shopping Ads are great for eCommerce and retail environments.

What is Google Ads VIDEO?

Video campaigns allow you to display your video campaign either in the beginning or during a video on YouTube, a huge platform with a huge audience. There are a few formats you can choose for your video campaign. Macrocosm’s team will guide you correctly to maximise your campaigns.

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