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March 3, 2022
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May 23, 2022

At Macrocosm Ultra Digital, our goal is to help see your business grow and strengthen its online presence, and thus, grow and strengthen your company as a whole over time. We achieve this through written SEO content, web development and domains, google ads, as well as social media. One such way that we are currently in the midst of exploring is videography, where your company is given the opportunity of telling its story in a more creative and captivating way.

This allows your current and future clients are able to gain a new and deeper perspective of how your company was first established, how far you have come, the services that you provide, the goals that you wish to accomplish and far more. With this, comes the added opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition by creating a voice for your company, showing your audience how certain tasks are accomplished.

Alongside this ability to place a bit more of a creative flair on your pre-existing marketing campaign, video plays a huge role in creating an increase in internet traffic. In fact, it is currently estimated that by the end of 2022, global internet traffic that is generated through video downloads and streaming is set to increase up to 82%, which is an astounding increase of 88% when compared to the 72% increase from 2017.

This comes alongside the general increase that video content has been experiencing over recent years in terms of its popularity. A recent 2019 study from Limelight found that internet users spent an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online video content. This averages out to roughly 58 minutes per day, which had increased to roughly 100 minutes per day by the end of 2020.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that users love seeing videos on their social media. Generally speaking, users tend to enjoy any form of video content, whether it be casual uploads made by friends, comedy skits uploaded by comedians, and even advertisements, as long as the video production is of high quality with a tight structure and catchy music to match. An excellent example of the latter would be the locally produced Nandos adverts, along with internationally broadcasted adverts made by Old Spice, both of which are brands that have been able to increase their client base through exceptionally creative and endlessly quotable videos that leave a lasting impression on all those that watch it.

It is because of these examples, and many more, that 2021 saw roughly 86% of marketing professionals pivot their approach to video content. It should be noted that, when making your online video content for advertising purposes, the above listed examples should only be taken as inspiration and should not be copied. While your video may tick all the boxes in terms of video production, catchiness and more, audiences who are aware of these examples can easily pick up on copycats, which can make your company seem ingenuine while also making it seem as if the approach that you have towards your services involves corners being cut.

All in all, when thinking about embarking on your company’s own video advertising journey, it is abundantly important to come up with creative ideas that relates to your services that displays a more genuine side of your staff. This is because at the end of the day, having that added human touch to your corporate advertisements can make it clear to your audience that the work that your company producers is genuine and achieved with passion.

So don’t let your company be camera shy, get involved in video content today and see your statistics flourish.

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