Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 3rd
October 8, 2019
Google Page Experience Update Set to Launch This Month! (POSTPONED)
May 3, 2021

Because Google and Search Engine Marketing is continuously evolving, Macrocosm Ultra Digital, as a digital agency has to keep up with the trends and the constant technological growth. Therefore, we are evolving our reporting structure and processes. We have taken the leap and decided to join the ranks of 1.3million other businesses and subscribed to one of the top SEO Tools available, WebCEO.

To our valued clients, who are used to our previous way of progress reporting, we can assure you the only change will be the presentation. In the coming months, we shall also be granting you access to your own web-based project zone, to track your live traffic data and keyword rankings. Please see screenshots below for examples of some demo data and how it will be presented.

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