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If you are currently not making use of Google Ads in South Africa, then you are not reaching your full potential as a business. Not only is this a way to market your business on Google’s platform but also a way for anyone to make use of your products or services by clicking on any of your Google Ads that are showing in South Africa, increasing your potential customers nationwide.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads can be found in South Africa, as well as anywhere else in the world where search engines are allowed. It is an online advertising platform that has been developed by Google. This platform is used to display advertisements for business services and product offerings. These Google Ads can be seen on any digital device that has access to Google. To identify an ad, you can look at the results you get on Google, and you will see that before the URL, the word “ad” will appear.

What are the benefits of Google Ads?

Using Google Ads in South Africa as a business has a lot of benefits that include:

  • Reach – By marketing online on the world’s most popular search engine Google, you are broadening your target market. Did you know that 2+ trillion searches are made per year? Inasmuch, this equates to roughly 5 billion searches per day. Therefore, by making use of these marketing tools you are broadening your business and increasing your potential customers by a milestone.
  • Perfect Audience – Google Ads have become so advanced that you can choose who sees your ad. If you know that a certain target market is more likely to purchase your products and services, you can customise your settings to specifically target those people.
  • Brand Awareness – The more people see your Google Ads on Google the more likely they are to choose your product or service as you are building credibility and consideration. Something that other marketing strategies are not able to offer you as Google is the #1 search engine in the world, as well as everything, has been moved online. Looking for an answer? Google will help you. Looking for the nearest coffee shop to your current location? Google will help you.

Why do you need to use a digital marketing agency for Google Ads?

Google Ads has a lot of benefits. However, you will only experience these benefits if you know the latest algorithm and rules update that Google does frequently. In addition, creating a successful Google Ads campaign is no easy task as it is very competitive and includes a lot of research and time. Luckily, there are Google Partner agencies with a lot of experience in Google Ads as well as a close relationship with Google. Therefore, Google will give these agencies insights and extra benefits that you will not be able to get by running these ads on your own.


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