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May 23, 2022
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June 29, 2022

At Macrocosm Ultra Digital, we aim to remain at the forefront of any updates and additions that have been made to the digital marketing industry at large. This does come with its own challenges but gives us the precious opportunity to improve our craft and build upon the knowledge we have gained over our many years in service. This leads us to the keynote event that was recently held by Google regarding the updates that they plan on implementing to their Google Ads and Analytic services, they have decided these updates have the potential to improve the global advertising landscape as a whole.

For instance, one of the biggest announcements to have been made was the overhaul of Google’s Search functions. This overhaul aims to reimagine how people look and gain information while searching online. In the past, we would search for something we want to look up, and would then be given a list of blue links that spreads across multiple search pages. This overhaul, however, now referred to as Google Multi-search, instead provides users with a way to look up their information in a far more natural way.

Google recognises that people may not always think in words or phrases, but rather in images and videos. This has led to Google providing people with search results that appear alongside images and videos, rather than just being provided with a wall of text. Additionally, you are no longer limited to searching through text, as you can now make Google searches by taking an image through the mobile browser. These image searches can be accompanied by additional text for more specific search results too. All in all, Google Multi-search allows you to make searches that are far more flexible, allowing you to find results and products with greater ease and convenience.

In addition to this announcement, ‘Google Analytics 4’ have also been unveiled alongside the many new features that it brings to the table. For instance, one of the first features to be announced is the new Mobile App Activity Tracking capabilities, which allows analytic users to track their consumer’s app activity in order to receive a more complete and unified perspective of their client’s shopping or searching journey.

Next up we have the reliance on cookies being reduced significantly, alongside IP addresses no longer needing to be stored. In turn, this allows users to remain in strict compliance with the ever-tightening privacy restrictions, also improving security and data management in the process too.

New Predictive Modelling and Audience Building capabilities were also announced during the keynote, bringing along the ability to make use of GA4, which uses machine learning-driven predictive modelling tools which help to predict future actions that may potentially be made by your clients and other consumers.

While all these above-listed improvements and updates may not even begin to scratch the surface of what Google unveiled at their Google Marketing Live Keynote for 2022, they may still provide you with a glimpse of what the landscape may look like within the very new future.

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