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May 12, 2022
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Recently, one of our staff members has been breaking news headlines for his videography skills across South Africa. He has been working as a digital marketing intern at Macrocosm since the 17 of March and has been a great asset to the team from the very first day.

The videography industry has been booming ever since the rise of social media. Making it the go-to form of content for most digital marketing agencies around the world as it has one of the highest ROI rates. So, let’s meet our intern who has been breaking videography industry news.

Meet Duncan van der Merwe

Duncan completed matric in 2016 and thereafter studied at City Varsity, graduating with a diploma in Film and Television Production in 2018. From there, he went on to film a small handful of videos, including an advert for Vodacom Sea Point. After saving up funds, Duncan bought his first camera just before Covid hit the world. Despite lockdowns, he would carry on filming adverts, music videos, fashion films and more, leading him to commence production on his first solo film project, Cycles, a short film series revolving around 3 housemates and their repeating struggles with life. This caught the attention of the 1 Minute Film Festival, which would go on to award him with 1st place for the Creativity Award. Since then, Duncan has continued to work within videography and further his passions, exploring different events, bands, fashion labels and more.

Let’s get to know our superstar a bit more with a few questions.

Q: Where did your passion for videography start?

A: While I’ve had a deep passion for film and TV production for as long as I can remember, I really started falling in love with videography as a medium when I was asked to join the Youth Network for Sport, Development and Peace as their videography for an outreach mission they held on Robben Island in 2018. It was my first solo project, and I realised what I was capable of, despite the nerves and reservations I held until that point.


Q: What was the goal of the 1 Minute Film Festival?

A: Originally, I had none as I started my ‘Cycles’ short film series without any knowledge of the festival. Once I had uploaded the series to my Instagram, they reached out and implored me to submit my project, which I was then incredibly excited and honoured to have done.


Q: What did you win at the festival?

A: I won 1st place in the ‘Creativity Award’


Q: Where do you see yourself in videography in a few years?

A: I’m not entirely sure, all I know is that I still see myself behind the camera for as long as I’m able to. It’s one of the few activities that allow me to lose myself and fully appreciate the moment. I definitely see success, I’m just not sure what form thereof.


Q: How have you been experimenting with videography at Macrocosm?

A: I’ve been experimenting with a few videos that are definitely out of my comfort zone, which I’m very excited about and ready to learn from. I’ve never done any Google My Business videos before and am eager to throw in my own creative flair, setting them apart from similar videos on the platform. But with what I filmed, I’ve enjoyed being able to film a typically corporate form of promotional video that displays a more relaxed and laid-back approach to business.


Duncan’s Work

If you would like to check out some of Duncan’s work, you can view our website or the links below:

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