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This year, 2022 has become known as the post-covid year. The year when most things have gone back to normal since the pandemic hit us in 2020. However, 2022 is also known as the year of the Tiger, which is something that Macrocosm Ultra Digital can relate to.

As the human species, we seem to become so focused on the stress that we tend to forget to celebrate the highlights that the year has given us and what contributed to our successes. Therefore, we have decided to do a Macrocosm Ultra Digital Year Review for 2022.

“Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.”

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Firstly, one of the biggest things that changed in Macrocosm Ultra Digital is that we expanded our offices and gave our premises a makeover. Any business will tell you that expanding your business is a dream come true for many. In addition, we as a business expanded by employing new staff members who would occupy our new expanded office. Our favourite part about this expansion, which most Macrocosm Ultra employees would agree on, is the new recreational room added in. This has given our employees a chance to take a break, drink coffee and enjoy the company of their co-workers. Some of our staff members might even say this is where their best ideas come from.

Secondly, not only did our offices and staff grow but we have added a new department too. As an agency that focuses on Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Graphic Design, Web Development, and much more, it only makes sense to add in a Social Media department. Social Media has been the main source of income for a lot of businesses and people should not ignore this.

Thirdly, nothing screams Macrocosm Ultra Digital more than one of our traditions or festivities. The first and most famous one is celebrating our staff members’ birthdays. This is when we gift them their favourite treats and compile a birthday card where everyone wishes them a happy birthday. Valentine’s day is no different. However, instead of celebrating one person, we spread the love to every single staff member with bubbly champagne, roses and, of course, chocolates.

Getting lunch once every while on the house also doesn’t sound too bad, especially when your boss is paying for it. Our delicious food takeaways and most popular picks of this year would hands down have to be Wimpy or Nando’s. This also includes a long lunch filled with laughter and big chats in our recreational room. Other festivities that Macrocosm Ultra Digital also went all out for this year was Easter, when everyone was treated to lots of Lindt Bunnies and a raffle which the boss won by accident…. As well as our Halloween traditions, when the whole office gets decorated and the best dress costume wins a handsome cash prize.

Fourthly, Macrocosm Mid-Year Awards. This is something we have every year, however, this year we changed it up a bit by going to the Blue Peter Hotel and enjoying a three-course meal while celebrating staff members for their achievements throughout the year and of course staff members that have been with the company for more than three and five years. Not only was the bubbly flowing but our CFO also made everyone laugh as the master of ceremonies (MC)

2022 was also the first year that our company got invited to go with one of our clients to Comic Con Africa and assist them with their social media. Not only was this a great learning curve for our new social media department but also added new skills to our staff’s resume and oh boy, was this a great experience. From dining out to visiting every single store at the arena and even some of our staff member meeting the notorious Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) from Stranger Things season 4.

Not only did we break records for clients and ourselves in our SEO and Google Ads department but we also celebrated our 9th birthday of Macrocosm Ultra Digital, a huge milestone for any business. Surviving COVID in this economy was difficult but surviving post-COVID was even more so. Luckily, our staff pulled through and our clientele grew every single day.

To end 2022 off on a high note, we had our year-end function alongside hosting our yearly Secret Santa. Secret Santa’s get pulled out of a hat in November and you get to buy one of your co-workers a wonderful gift. This is one of my personal favourite activities as you get the chance to learn more about your co-workers and how to spoil them rotten. However, our end-year function doesn’t just end with Secret Santa and lunch but with directors’ gifts as well. This is a luxurious gift from the directors to employees to show them appreciation and thank them for working so hard throughout the year. Of course, this year was no different and we were spoiled rotten.

If you are still reading this, congrats, you only experienced 20% of what goes on at Macrocosm Ultra Digital in one year. May 2023 be a year full of adventure and new beginnings.

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