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June 6, 2022
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July 14, 2022

Hardworking employees should be celebrated often. Especially, in the digital marketing industry where things are constantly changing and adapting to new algorithms as well as environments. Inasmuch, the tradition of our Mid-Year Awards started 3 years ago and has been running ever since.

This year, Macrocosm decided to have our Mid-Year Awards in the luxurious and highly esteemed Blue Peter Hotel. There, the staff got treated to a delicious three-course meal with a lot of bubbly, which was then kicked off by Richard with our Google and Google Ad certificates.

Having a Google Partnership has a lot of benefits. However, it also has a few requirements, of which everyone needs to have completed a certain number of Google exams. Therefore, all our employees must have completed them. Our employees always stay up to date with Google’s latest SEO and Google Ad tools. As a result, it helps our staff to find the best solution for Macrocosm’s clients. Considering that, our directors decided to give acknowledgement to our employees who have completed their yearly Google Ads exams as well as Google Digital Garage Exam, which is a huge achievement.

After these awards were handed out, we were introduced to a new category of awards, called Awards of Excellence. These awards aimed to highlight employees who have gone above and beyond for the company and have exceeded the expectations of many. There are a total of three awards in this category and they are Most Outstanding Staff Member of 2022, Most Improved Staff Member of 2022, and Best New Staff Member.

The Most Outstanding Staff Member for 2022 went to Glenn Ormandy. Being a Google Specialist in Macrocosm is not always the easiest thing to do. He has one of the most important jobs at Macrocosm and also looks after the most important department, marketing. This is why people call him G-Robot, not only because he is known for being extremely driven and meticulous in his job, but because he will be able to tell you the very best solution Google has to offer to you in just 5 minutes. Therefore, he has received this award.

The Most Improved Staff Member of 2022 went to JP Labuschagne. JP has adapted to the Macrocosm concept by supplying solutions to clients in the digital marketing sphere and has been building great relationships with clients pre-and post-sales. In addition, he has continuously pushed and exceeded boundaries here at Macrocosm, successfully month after month achieving his target as a salesman. Therefore, JP has not only improved his career at Macrocosm but Macrocosm as a whole.

The Best New Staff Member of 2022 went to Kyla Göbel. She achieved this award for her attention to detail, adapting to a crazy environment, especially with the influx of new clients that Macrocosm has been experiencing. In addition, the fact that she has been succeeding in a role as the scheduler in the Marketing department since she started as an intern at Macrocosm in late 2021. Lastly but certainly not least, Kyla is well-deserving of this award due to her impeccable dedication, some may even say she is married to her job – in an unhealthy way.

The last category of awards this year was dedicated to the staff who celebrated their 3 and 5-year work anniversaries at Macrocosm. A company which has been alive for almost 10 years. Therefore, this is the start of Macrocosm giving out work anniversary awards. This is to thank the staff for their persistence and dedication within Macrocosm. Inasmuch, for learning, achieving as well as growing yearly in the digital marketing industry. As we all know that the digital world has gone through a lot of changes over the past 10 years and is never easy to conquer.

We are very proud of our employees and cannot wait to see how our staff improve for the next awards ceremony!

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