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November 1, 2019
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May 17, 2021


It has come to our attention that Google is postponing the Page Experience Update, which was due to launch this month, to mid-June and the end of August. While some small items are launching now, the rest will follow after.

Last year, Google announced that they will be launching their new ranking algorithm in May 2021, giving everyone enough time to prepare for it. This update was essentially designed to judge web pages on how their users perceive their experience. Therefore, should Google think that users visiting your website will have a poor experience on your pages, these pages may not rank as highly as they are now. As part of their initiative, they have launched a collection of benchmarks that are essential to measure and enhance user experience on the web. These benchmarks are known as Core Web Vitals.

So, what is page experience, and what metrics will Core Web Vitals score your web pages against?

To begin, let us first discuss exactly what page experience refers to. Page experience essentially refers to how users interact with a web page. In summary, it is made up of several Google search ranking factors, which include the Mobile Friendliness, the Page Speed, the HTTPS Ranking Boost, the Intrusive Interstitials Penalty, and the Safe Browsing Penalty.

In most cases, especially those for our clients, your website may already have been optimised for some of these factors. If not, your website is at risk of losing its current rankings on Search Engine Results Pages. Therefore, to prepare for this update, it is recommended that you have your website optimised.

At Macrocosm Ultra Digital, we use the tools given to us by Google to ensure that our website, as well as those of our clients’, are ready for this update.

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