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Depending on your line of business, the name can come pretty easy to you compared to the rest of the logistics of the actual business operations. Now, you may think naming your business exactly what someone – a potential customer – would type in on Google to find your shop is a good idea, but in the digital world, it really isn’t. Today we will be looking at a case study that will involve two interestingly named stores that made themselves impossible to find on the internet.


There is a store/shop that decided to name themselves ‘Coffee shop near me’. I know what you are thinking, it’s great because every person searches that when looking for a coffee shop near them and their store will be pushed right to the top each time – WRONG. Why don’t you search that name on Google right now, you will end up seeing every coffee shop near you except that one. Funny enough, they are not the only place that had this great idea, there was actually a dentistry practice that named itself, ‘Dentist near me’ as well.


What a lot of people don’t see is wrong with this ‘near me’ next to their business name is that the term is in millions of SEO strategies for thousands of coffee shops and other dentistry practices. Search engines easily change “near me” based on the location of the digital device the person is using the search engine, making it difficult for people to search for them by name alone. Whereas if they are a local business, it shouldn’t be as much of a problem though, the name is cute and catchy for marketing purposes as well as easy for people to remember. In the long run, it may not be as smart a SEO strategy as one may think. Unless we all insist our SEO clients start renaming their businesses with “near me” in their business name, then Google will certainly put an end to this.


Why is SEO Important?


SEO strategies are vital for your online presence and website more visible as a business or brand, which further leads to more traffic and prospects that can convert to potential loyal customers. It is considered a valuable tool for any business to build brand awareness, relationships with consumers, and position the business as an influential and reliable expert in their line of work. It is even more needed in your business because of the digital era that we love and live in.


The ’near me’ implementation can only work long-term through the works of SEO strategies that are intended for a specific location online as it reinforces the name and online presence of the company consistently. Every business has a desire to stand out from other companies, but to do this you need to follow smart digital marketing strategies.

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